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OMNI ONLINE | Google Adwords Remarketing
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Google Adwords Remarketing


07 Feb Google Adwords Remarketing

 Google Makes Remarketing Easier

Remarketing is a very powerful feature of Google AdWords that allows website owners to continue to advertise and specifically target potential customers even after they have left their website.

If you advertise with Google AdWords and more specifically you are using the additional Remarketing feature on the Google AdWords platform, you are already appreciate the process you endured to setup and build your Remarketing lists through Google AdWords.


If on the other hand you are new to Google AdWords then you’ll be delighted to learn about Google’s official announcement whereby you can fast track the activation of the Remarketing feature via your Google Analytics setup, regardless if your Google Adverts are enabled and running or not.

Visit the Official Google Blog for more info:

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