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OMNI ONLINE | Omni Academy
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We know that everyone is busy, but all business people need to keep up with ongoing changes taking place in the digital landscape.


The OMNI Academy is a small class, boardroom-style training program with a focus on very practical digital marketing lessons that you can implement yourself. The course comes with handouts, templates and tips you can use to improve your results online.


This course is held over 5 weeks and is fantastic value for money.
5 Weeks, next course starting 4 November 2015 (NOTE UPDATED DATE)
Wednesday evenings 6pm – 7.30pm
Cost: $770 (inc GST)
Digital Fundamentals Course Outline:
Week 1 - Digital Literacy

Digital Marketing Fundamentals – A practical understanding

  •      Website Development
  •      Google Authenticity
  •      Email Marketing
  •      Search Engine Optimisation
  •      Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising 
  •      Social Media Marketing Social Strategy
  •      Online Marketplaces
  •      Digital Branding
  •      Reporting, Analytics, Tracking, Managing and Maintaining
Week 2 - Google Everything + Understanding Analytics

Practical run through how to understand, set up and manage the range of Google tools

  •      Google My Business  (Maps, Google+, Pages, Google Reviews)
  •      Google Analytics & reporting
  •      Google Adwords
  •      YouTube
  •      Tips and tools
  •      Google Apps for Work
Week 3 - Email Direct Marketing (EDM) / Newsletters

How to set up and manage your own email campaigns

  •      EDM basics
  •      EDM Segmentation 
  •      Delivery mechanism – Choose EDM 3rd party software
  •      EDM software setup
  •      EDM content
  •      Anatomy of the perfect EDM
  •      Related Website requirements 
  •      Tips, hints and templates
Week 4 - Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

How to set up, set budget, monitor and adjust

  •      Google AdWords
  •      FaceBook Advertising
  •      LinkedIn Advertising
  •      Reporting and Analytics
  •      Website requirements and tips
Week 5 - Social Media

Learn about engagement and interaction

  •      About Social Media – what it all means
  •      Available Platforms
  •      Which platforms do you need to play in
  •      Tip and hints
  •      Templates
Course includes:
  •      Course Material
  •      Lecture notes
  •      Course outline/notes for later use
  •      Downloadable/printable – Digital Marketing Tools/Activities Checklists