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4 Common Mistakes in Digital Marketing Strategies

By October 27, 2022July 25th, 2023No Comments

Why are businesses and organisations often unhappy with the results they get from digital marketing? The simplest answer is that many people jump straight to the implementation phase, without first having a clear strategy. You may be posting on social media, updating your website or running google ads – but how are the connected and what are the steps needed to get there?

There are some common faults when it comes to digital marketing strategies. Here are some mistakes you can avoid to make sure your digital marketing tactics are spot on!


1. Lacking strategy

Imagine if you’re in a foreign country looking for a restaurant but you don’t have a map. You move through different roads and alleyways, you try to ask locals who don’t speak the same language as you. You’re lost!

If you do not have a concrete strategy or plan, you will be lost and out of sight in the digital world. Therefore, it is crucial to research, plan and strategise!

A starting point can be defining your target audience. Try your best to narrow down your target audience, making it as niche as you can! Remember, you’re not trying to please everyone; you’re trying to please the people who are most likely to care about your brand!

Next, create your goals! What are your goals, and why do you want to achieve them? Setting reasonable goals can make it easier to navigate the next steps, such as social media posts, events, discounts, and offers!

Remember, everything you do online is linked in some way, so it pays to plan out all these interactions and activities.


2. Not researching keywords

We’re sure you have heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) before. SEO is essentially the process of getting pages on your website to rank higher in search engines such as Bing or Google. They help boost your website’s visibility to whoever is looking for businesses in your field.

For people to find your business online, it is important to research and use keywords with high search volumes to improve SEO. This will help your website be found by users through Google and eventually turn them into leads!

Read here to learn more about SEO and where your focus should be when approaching SEO!


3. Forgetting about mobile users

This one may be the worst sin of them all…

58% of web traffic is from mobile! If your website is not catered to both desktop and mobile, you will lose potential leads and customers. In fact, for most websites, we would recommend starting with the mobile version, and then moving to the desktop view.

Ensure on your personal mobile phone that the design is formatted neatly, making sure your website is easy to navigate. If the information is hard to find, users will leave the site. Your website’s usability will define your business trajectory in the long run.

Click here to learn more about making a user-friendly website!


4. Expecting instant results

Ad campaigns take time, cultivating an audience takes time, generating leads takes time, SEO takes time…

Building a brand takes time. Expecting instant results will only further demotivate you. Keep in mind that you are targeting people. It will take a while for them to notice and take interest in your brand.

Ensure you have a clear method for tracking and reporting your results so you can review and make changes over time.


By simply fixing these four mistakes businesses see huge growth in leads and sales. Remember that digital marketing is the key to success in modern day business.

So, do you make any of these common mistakes? What are you waiting for? Research those keywords, boost your SEO, create strategies, and play the game!

At Omni Online, we live and breathe digital marketing and from our experience these are the most common mistakes we see from new clients. If you need any help mastering your digital marketing or need a push in the right direction, our team is here to help.

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