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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: video is what your audience wants and expects! With cheaper and affordable video-making tools, videos are adopted by many companies to boost their marketing.

We live in a digital age, and people use social media platforms to find information, entertainment, and products. In other words, a lot of time is spent online. Motion-based images engage audiences and have the ability to drive conversions. Videos are the most popular form of content and are soon going to be a necessity in the future of marketing. Learn more about the importance of video in digital marketing here!

But what sort of content should we make for our social media platforms? What are some fresh or old ideas that can grab the attention of our audience and keep them hooked?

Today is your lucky day because we’re going to share five popular and easy-to-create video content ideas!


Are you a visual learner who struggles with written instructions? We’ve all been there. A step-by-step video guide can go a long way toward assisting buyers in using your product correctly.

Tutorial videos are very popular for people who want to learn more about your product or your services. These guide/tutorial types of videos can spark interest and curiosity about what you aim to provide. This means that tutorial videos are helpful for conversions!

Are you a company that sells digital cameras? Create simple tutorial videos on how to take photos! Teach them about frame rates, aperture, lighting, and more.
Do you sell gardening tools? Film an easy-to-follow video tutorial on gardening techniques or how to grow an avocado tree! The possibilities are endless.



Have you ever watched behind-the-scenes clips of your favourite movie stars and wound up appreciating them even more? This is because it draws the audience closer to the celebrity, allowing them to identify with the celebrity on a more personal level.

Behind-the-scenes videos present the world of your organisation to users. It displays the human side of the business which ultimately improves your approachability and credibility.

Do you have a foosball table in your office? Take a short video showcasing all the fun you have during your free time!

Do you print shirts? Take a video of the screen printing process!

At Omni Online, we have lunch every Friday, and we never fail to capture those fun moments with the team!


Interviews are great for informative and longer-form content. Whether they are testimonials or from large conferences, capturing them in video form can help educate and inform viewers about your brand and what it stands for.

Do you own a skincare brand? Invite a professional to talk about sensitive skin and why your product is the best option for the customer!

You can also reach out to existing customers and clients to leave a review in which you can make an animated text video!


Have you ever decided NOT to purchase a product just because you had so many unanswered questions? Well, the result may have been different if your questions were ANSWERED!
Prepare a post or a story to announce that you will be having a Q&A. Ask your audience to comment or submit their questions in the post. Filter out the most frequently asked questions to answer.

Clearing some of the questions can reveal knots in your brand that you can immediately untangle. Moreover, by answering questions, customers will feel reassured about your product which will lead to more sales!

Needless to say, Q&As are a great way to interact with your customers and connect with them on a personal level. A great tip is to address the audience that asked the question as if you are talking to them in real life. This will make them feel valued and appreciated alongside having their initial curiosity quenched.


Are you holding a contest or giveaway?
Do you have a video prepared to promote the contest/giveaway?
If you have answered “yes” to question 2, great job! If not, you really should consider creating a video…

These videos can drum up engagement and can further extend your reach to new potential customers if done the right way! Share a quick reveal video of the products that you are giving away and have a clear call to action (e.g. share this video and tag 2 friends in the comments below!).

When you have decided on a winner, create another video announcing those winners! Congratulate them and make them feel like the winners they already are.


These are five simple and effective video ideas that can be beneficial to your business or organisation.d. Take some time to brainstorm some additional ideas for video content that you believe would appeal to your target audience and help your brand. Get creative!
Happy filming!

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