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6 ways to amplify your business with Google Maps

By August 20, 2020June 20th, 2023No Comments


If you haven’t optimised your Google Maps listing, you’re missing out. Google Maps is an incredibly important driver of searches and clicks for businesses with a physical location. Not amplifying your business may mean you’re missing the opportunity to be discovered by new potential customers, stand out from competitors and generate more business—all for free.

Research shows the majority of consumers that end up on a Google Maps business come from a keyword “discovery” search 84% of the time vs. only 16% through the business name with “direct” search. 1

Did you know, 76% of people conducting a local search on a smartphone; visit a physical place within 24 hours and 28% of those searches result in a purchase! 2

There are some key factors to consider when setting up your GMB (Google My Business) to optimise your business listing and work towards a higher ranking. Have a look at our tips and tricks on the checklist, to ensure Google Maps is playing an important part in your digital marketing strategy.

How can I get my business to list higher on Google Maps?

1. Make sure you have ‘claimed’ your business on Google Maps.

Though your business may be on Google Maps, it is imperative that you have claimed and verified it as your own. Doing this allows you to provide comprehensive details on your business. The more information a business listing contains, the higher it will rank on Google Maps.


Source: Word Stream

2. Add detailed information on your ‘claimed’ business.

Once you have claimed your business, you can use your Google Business account to add a plethora of information to your business listing. Through the ‘info’ tab, you can add categories and subcategories of any services your business may offer. This is very easy to navigate and is now able to be edited straight from a Google search or maps result! Providing more information on your specific services will increase the number of search results your business is relevant to, helping more people find you.


Source: Word Stream

3. Include high quality images in your listing.

They say an image is worth a thousand words! Including high quality images in your business listing not only increases the actual space and size of your map listing, it can attract far more customers. Images showing your product, services and ambience provide a story to customers, giving depth and a personality to your business. It’s important that these images aren’t highly stylised or staged as these tend to be less trusted and convincing to the consumer. You should focus on clear, bright shots taken on a smartphone with minimal editing and filters.

4. Get Customer Reviews

This is potentially the strongest tool to optimizing your Google Maps listing. Google Reviews can give your business a huge credibility boost without having to spend a dollar. Reviews level the playing field where marketing hype, costly campaigns, and creative copy become less relevant. Encourage your customers to leave reviews and photos on your business and take the time to reply to them, whether good or bad. It shows accountability and engagement while also providing you with invaluable feedback on your business.

5. Post on your Google Business profile

Just like your Social Media pages, you can post to your Google Business listing. By updating information on your Google Business dashboard, you can add relevant announcements, new offers, promotions and events. This can act as an additional free advertising platform for your business with consumers who have higher intent than posting platforms like Facebook or Instagram. These posts also increase the interaction of your listing with potential customers, sending positive ranking signals to Google and thereby improving your search engine ranking.


Source: Bright Local

6. Add in a Question & Answers section.

The Q&A section of your Google Business profile is another secret weapon to amplify your maps listing. With Google Q&A, anyone can ask and anyone can answer any question about any business in the world. These questions may cover a wide array of topics, including but not limited to accessibility and parking, sales and offers, general atmosphere, accommodations, and more. It essentially works as a FAQ page for your business and provides yet another opportunity to promote your business offerings. Rather than waiting for customers to ask you questions, you can preemptively ask and answer questions on your own Google My Business profile. For potential customers, getting answers to their common questions before even having to ask makes for a great first impression with your business. Furthermore, these are the questions that customers ask when deciding whether or not to go with your business, so it’s important to keep this section maintained.

Google Maps is an incredible tool to promote your business and advertise it to your local community, all for free! Follow our tips to optimize your listing on Google Maps, and you’ll get to experience the increased visibility, engagement, and revenue that comes along with it!

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