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AKF Case Study

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“The whole process was seamless. Danny & his team knew exactly what they were doing and were extremely open and collaborative on all fronts. The shop was a huge success and we can’t thank you enough.”
– Hani Zahra, President, AKF


We had 3 weeks to set up a pop-up website and sell Australian Olympic Karate merchandise for the Australian Karate Federation.

How did we go?
We did $20,000+ in sales.

The catch:
We had a budget of $2000 and just 3 weeks to do it.

The target:
$10,000 in Sales

Australian Karate Federation Overview

The Australian Karate Federation is the national governing body of karate in Australia. It’s recognised and endorsed by the federal government, the Australian Olympic Committee and the Australian Sports Commission. The AKF is a member of the World Karate Federation (WKF) and manages all things karate for all registered clubs and athletes in Australia! 

The challenge

The AKF was given exclusive access to sell the Australian Olympic Karate merchandise of 2020. The catch? They only had 3 weeks to do it. With no e-commerce experience and no idea how to market to their audience, they needed help fast. 

Our aim was to recoup costs and make a small profit, with our target set at a revenue of $10,000.


At Omni Online, we love a challenge. Our years of experience have allowed us to create solid processes that streamline the work and make an impactful change. 

We all know that Australians are passionate about their sports and AKF being the authority figure for karate in Australia was a huge opportunity to be used for our advantage.

With a large and passionate audience base that had been under-utilised, we saw our sweet spot. 


Having a long term working relationship with the Australian Karate Federation allowed us to know their audience base inside and out and therefore carve out the most effective strategy for their customers.

Our established partnership with them saved hours of customer strategy research and allowed us to get straight to action.

We started with the swift development and execution of a pop-up Shopify site,  with products front and centre and an easy-to-use navigation system.

We wanted customers to be able to understand our offerings and make their orders merely seconds later. Connecting this to Facebook & Instagram shops to further eased accessibility and leveraged the audience bases there.

We created a content development and strategy plan with bright, aesthetic posts – evoking emotion and enthusiasm from the AKF branding on all posts.

Karate related images were used as background patterns to create a theme and continuation as the products on the posts changed.

Pushing the exclusivity of the products and the limited campaign time as our central sales strategy, we engaged with the AKF social media community and answered questions swiftly to ensure a positive customer experience. 



If you have a passionate audience and engage with them wisely, it pays off! Not everyone can be the governing body of a sport but the lesson here lies in; the importance of building and communicating with your social audience, creating engaging content and the power of marketing exclusivity. People want what they can’t have and running a limited time campaign works wonders in sparking interest!

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