GOOGLE MAKES REMARKETING EASIER Remarketing is a very powerful feature of Google AdWords that allows website owners to continue to advertise and specifically target potential customers even after they have left their website. If you advertise with Google AdWords and more specifically you are using the additional Remarketing feature on the Google AdWords platform, you are already appreciate the process you endured to setup and build your Remarketing lists through Google AdWords.   If on the other hand you are new to Google AdWords then you’ll be delighted to learn about Google’s official announcement whereby you can fast track the activation of the Remarketing feature via your Google Analytics setup, regardless if your Google Adverts are enabled and running or not. Visit the Official Google Blog…


Fun, Entrepreneurial, Smart, Innovative, Up-and-Coming Digital Marketing Agency OMNI ONLINE seeks a ‘With-it’ and Savvy Digital Coordinator to join our Team. An exceptional opportunity exists for an e-marketing enthusiast with a knack for creating, producing & managing cutting-edge digital campaigns. This role requires someone with a broad range of digital skills and interests. You will need to have recognised experience within a fast paced digital business. Working very closely with multiple internal stakeholders and external agency suppliers and clients, the role is focused on: Project research, planning, coordination, delivering and follow through to completion Ensuring that all projects are scoped and delivered on time and to budget Delivery, deployment & management of email marketing campaigns, across all masthead sites. Constant…


The World has seen immense technology changes. With so much to choose from, how do you make the best sense of it all? how do you decide what is the right path for your business? where do you invest? Online, Offline? somewhere in the middle? If you feel like you are lost and do not know which way to turn in the digital maze that is the future of your business, call OMNI ONLINE today. We’ll get the pulse of your digital heart, beating!