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I scuffle and slide my laptop into it’s case. Power adapter?…check, pen and OMNI Notepad?…check, Car keys?… check, sip coffee, dash out of the office…but wait!…. Damn! I’ve Left the hard copy of a crucial Website Design Concept, Wireframe on my desk. I fly back into the office, grab the document and suddenly, a voice (oh so crisp and clear with conviction) jumps up and across the office with a truth that hit so hard, it smacked me right between the ears:

“…come on Glenn, get moving, the clock never takes a break!”

I pause for 100 milliseconds and marvel over the true genius of these precise words. With 99 milliseconds remaining, it felt like time stood still while I processed what this actually meant…focus, slow down, rather than wasting time ranting and raving, use every moment and make each count.

Motivation comes in many forms, and can be found in the strangest of places, but it is always there, albeit disguised – sometimes you just need a little push, to recognize it.

On this glorious day, my push came from  our new intern, Jules Reijnen, who highlighted the need to focus, in my moment of mayhem.

Astounded by his statement, “…the clock never takes a break’  this stopped me in my tracks. Was this a form of reverse mentoring where one so young and inexperienced gets to teach me a thing or two?  After all, I’ve been in business far longer than he and should be leading by experience.

It takes all types; from the inexperienced, to the young, even to those who you would least expect, to bring you back on track and on focus.

You don’t have to have years of knowledge or skill. You don’t need to have a Harvard degree. All you need is a bit of wisdom and focus as to what’s important and what’s not. It’s that Simple.

No matter the age, no matter the stage, I think that when we surround ourselves by truly great people, then there is wisdom and advice, lessons and learning, all around us, every day. We just have to be willing and open-minded enough to let ourselves open up and embrace them.

Needless to say, I did make my meeting, with critical document in hand. But these words have now become part of our daily office mantra when we do on occasion find ourselves slipping from reality or off task…

Seize The Clock Not The Day, because in the words of a great intern, the Clock never takes a break, it is unforgiving of our time!

What is your story? We would to love to share your experience.


Glenn Miller

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