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Digital Essentials 12 Apr 2019

By April 12, 2019June 21st, 2023No Comments

Digital marketing

“Progressive e-commerce brands are now rushing to leverage new gen functionality to create a highly visual shopping experience for customers”

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Social media

“Want the right people to see your Facebook ads more often? Have you considered using the Reach objective?”

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“But there are specific actions and process-led approaches your team can do to ensure your “new customers” become “happy customers” from the outset. Like any frameworks for marketing delivery, you will want to tweak and refine this to suit your company culture and nuances”

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Pay Per Click

“As PPC marketers, there are certain A/B tests we are always running. Landing page, ad and audience tests are all important. But if you have been regularly testing these items and are looking for new features and ideas for testing, look no further!”

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“Core values are the fundamental beliefs of an organization; they  guide executives and employees in identifying which behaviours and actions are right and which are wrong”

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Web development

“We live in a world of instant gratification. Your customers are busy and they want to speak to you on your own terms.”

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