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Digital Essentials 17 May 2019

By May 17, 2019June 21st, 2023No Comments

Digital marketing

“Our morning rituals start with e-newsletters and our nightly routines end with social notifications and subscribed emails. Needless to say, technology has pierced through almost every part of our lives.”

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Social media

“On social media, the word “engagement” gets used so often, it’s almost become a (gasp!) buzzword. But while most buzzwords come and go, real engagement is a long-term play.”

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“Here’s a cliche among digital marketers: Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t what it used to be.”

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Pay Per Click

“Landing pages. They’re the unsung heroes of B2B marketing. You won’t see them up for many awards, but their role in the buyer’s journey is critical.”

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“Whether viewed from the employee or consumer perspective, purpose has become a powerful force giving companies a competitive advantage.”

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Web development

“Great product descriptions need to augment your product pages by selling your products to real people, not just acting as back-of the-box dispensers of information for search engines.”

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