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Digital Essentials 29 Mar 2019

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Digital marketing

“You either adapt to what is currently happening, or you die.”

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Social media

“There are 3.3 Billion active social media users and another 1 million signing up every day.”

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“Do you know about ‘Alt Tags’ or ‘Alt Text’? If not, you’re missing out on some critical SEO opportunities! Unlock your SEO potential.”

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“The way you reach customers is ever changing. Discover how to crush your own digital strategy.”

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Pay Per Click

“As expected in the fast-paced ecosystem of PPC, 2018 saw a lot of change. We expect 2019 to be even bigger.”

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Web development

“Whether you’re a veteran developer or looking to build or improve your first website, keeping up to date with growing trends is essential for your success.”

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