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By August 7, 2015June 21st, 2023No Comments

SEO stood up as a one hit wander enjoying 2-3 years of lime light whilst it took lucky businesses soaring to new heights, all by itself, shy of any other Marketing activity running by its side.Then Facebook took over, helping more lucky businesses to once again steel the thunder from their competition whilst their jackpot postings in Facebook pages found niche’s and became viral, once again seeing those business enjoying Facebook as single channel from which to derive an immediate boost. Next came PPC – pay per click Marketing, Google Adwords where companies ‘in-the-know’ reaped the pleasures of 0.10c clicks to trump their competition. This also took them to places they dreamed of, over night. From unknown to the number one online company listing front and centre on Page 1 of Google for every click. Email had its day as the hero too, delivering messages directly to inboxes only until people realised the pain and then started protecting their email identity more than they do their mobile phone #.

And now what?

SEO lovers complain as they watch ranking slip, Facebook players complain because most campaigns never go viral any more, PPC sees click bids around $10 almost 1000 times more than 5 years ago in some cases and everyone has unsubscribed their email address trying desperately to reduce spam clutter and retain their inbox authenticity.

Lying way back somewhere is now the one question on everyone’s mind….how to drive traffic when all the current channels independently stopped delivering …?

At OMNI ONLINE we see the future go back to the past…back to basics….back to basic business principals. The answer lies in all of them…an integrated approach to digital marketing. You cannot ignore any one channel in business today and you must know exactly where and when to place the right significance in the right channel at the right time.

Call OMNI ONLINE so we can get you started. We’ll bring you the traffic, the database and then the sales you have been missing out on, online.

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