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How to Improve Your Social Media Copywriting Skills

By June 30, 2023No Comments
How to Improve Your Social Media Copywriting Skills

Running a social media account consists of thousands of delicately interconnected strands that make a web to capture those potential customers. Photos, videos, stories, posting times, and hashtags are all crucial aspects when it comes to converting customers. Every single aspect needs to be thought about and planned out to make the perfect post for better engagement.

But there is something that is often overlooked.

HINT: People read this…



Yes, that little text section you see underneath or above a photo/video is also an integral part of social media marketing…

Feel free to disagree, but here are a few reasons why copywriting is essential in social media:

  • Bring out brand personality:
    Each brand is unique and has its own particular voice. Taking advantage of this can help you communicate better with your target audience.


  • Create emotional connection with your audience:
    Words are so powerful and can bring people to tears. Not that you should make your audience cry! (Unless that is your marketing tactic…) Having compelling content with heartwarming copy can help develop an emotional connection between the audience and your brand.


  • Convert your audience into customers:
    You may have a lot of views and engagement on social media, but your sales can be low. Even a short call to action (see point 3) can transform an audience into a customer!


Now that we have established the greatness of copywriting, you must be itching to become a copywriting master!

We will give you what you need: 5 TIPS TO HAVE BETTER COPYWRITING


1. K.I.S.S (Keep It Short & Simple!)

Have you ever sat through an hour-long conference that could have been summarised in fifteen minutes?

We’ve all been there. The only difference between a conference and social media is that you are free to leave on social media. This means that if you have written an essay for your social media copy, just don’t waste your time wondering why the post had such low engagement…

For example, look at the image below:

Long caption


Short caption

Reading the longer copy will come off as a chore to the audience. This can hardwire the misconception that all future posts from your brand will be similar, resulting in a loss of audience and engagement. The shorter copy is so much more inviting to read, and the audience will not perceive reading the copy as work.

In the current digital world, where everyone prefers fast and quick content, your copy should also reflect this: short and simple.


2. Evoke Emotions

Evoke emotions

Anyone can write a copy, but it takes a special someone to write a copy that can touch the hearts of the audience.

Are you running a cancer awareness campaign? Write a heartwarming and hopeful caption that tells the story of a cancer survivor.

Or maybe you could be addressing a social issue that aligns strongly with your brand identity. Write a caption that challenges your audience to make a change.

Emotional connections and memories are powerful. Having your audience connect emotionally with your brand will always leave a positive impression on your overall business.

In summary, write a caption that evokes emotions that drive your audience to take action.

… Which brings us to our next point:


3. Have a Call To Action (CTA)

What’s the point of having a copy that doesn’t stop your audience from scrolling and taking action that benefits your brand?

Having a clear and concise call to action can help boost engagement and, if done right, convert an audience to a customer!

Sometimes you want to make choices for your audience. Be a leader and tell them what they need to do!

Have a CTA

Do you want them to visit your website? Tell them to click on the link to your website! Do you want them to comment on your post? Give them a reason to comment with a witty prompt!


4. Use #hashtags

Use hastags

Almost all social media platforms are driven by hashtags to help your posts be findable by potential audiences. You don’t want to spam 20 different unnecessary hashtags that don’t do anything for your brand.

Researching the right hashtags can help streamline your marketing efforts and target newer audiences.

Hashtags can be used to explore and engage relevant industries similar to yours. Like, comment, and share posts using those hashtags to connect with other users and expand your audience base.

TIP: Try to aim for more niche hashtags. General hashtags such as “#food” is very general and is highly competitive. It is better to have a hashtag such as “#streetfoodasia” that is specific and that can narrow down the focus of your content.


5. Keep your voice consistent

Have a consistent voice

Maybe your business uses different social media platforms and it can be tempting to target younger audiences in platforms like TikTok. This is a great motive but you run the risk of making your brand appear to have multiple personalities.

This can cause some friction with your audience as they can become confused about the tone or personality of your brand. It can make your brand appear inauthentic and conflicting.

To avoid this from happening, aim to select just one type of brand personality/voice which can be used on various platforms.



Copywriting is super effective when it comes to converting your audience into potential customers. By understanding your audience’s actions and reactions, you can take advantage of this skill to benefit your brand.

Are you putting out a post later today on social media? Make sure to make use of these handy tips we have prepared for you. You can also feel free to contact us at Omni Online for any digital marketing tips or queries about the services we offer!