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How to Prepare for Black Friday 2023 Guide

By November 1, 2023May 20th, 2024No Comments
How to prepare for Black Friday 2023 guide

A year has passed, and it’s finally the holiday season again. Make sure to start preparing for Black Friday in good time – there are a lot of things to consider to succeed with your Black Friday promotions.

In this blog post, we will go through the updates and news since 2022 and also give some new tips to think about when preparing your business for BFCM.


DatesBlack Friday becomes bigger and bigger every year, this is why you should be prepared for all that it entails for your online businesses. Let’s start with which dates you should remember this year:

  • Singles day (11 November)
  • Black Friday (24 November)
  • Cyber Monday (27 November)
  • Christmas (25 December)
  • Boxing Day (26 December)

After Covid, we have seen an increase in online purchases on BFCM weekend and less in-store shopping. The 2022 year’s Cyber Weekend sales were almost 7% higher than the previous year’s record Cyber Weekend period. We can see an increase in online purchases from 2021 to 2022 of 6.6%.

Because of this upturn, it’s imperative to start to plan ahead and prepare for Black Friday in time. Last year, we at Omni Online did two blog posts with a lot of tips and steps that you should go with to have a successful Black Friday sale. This year we’re going through some updates from that and also come with some new tips.

Google changes this year

Google constantly rolls out updates, ensuring that staying ahead of these changes is essential for maximising your Google experience as the holiday season approaches.

Google Analytics 4

As you might be aware, the last version of Google Analytics, Google Analytics Universal has been updated to Google Analytics 4. This shift signifies the discontinuation of Google Analytics Universal, which has already ceased data collection. However, you can still access your Universal account until July 2024, but after this, it will be deleted. To ensure you don’t lose your valuable data, it’s imperative to create a GA4 account and transfer your information.

Google Analytics 4 has a lot of changes from the last version and it still keeps updating. GA4 introduces substantial changes compared to its predecessor and continues to evolve. It can be difficult to understand the new Analytics version since it’s pretty unlike the old version. The biggest difference is that everything is event and session-based tracking.

To stay updated and effectively leverage GA4, it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with this platform before the onset of the Black Friday shopping rush. This preparation will enable you to assess results and potentially make real-time adjustments to your marketing strategy during the holiday season, if needed.

If you do not have a GA4 property you will not be able to collect data from this holiday shopping season. Consequently, you’ll miss out on valuable insights for comparing your sales performance with previous years and planning future strategies.

If you require assistance with the data transfer to GA4, we at Omni Online are happy to help and provide guidance and support.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize has been a valuable tool for conducting A/B tests on your website and crafting eye-catching discount banners. However, if you’ve relied on Google Optimize for tasks like A/B testing, it’s crucial to be aware that this platform no longer exists. Google has integrated most functionalities of Google Optimize into Google Analytics 4.

As mentioned earlier, GA4 is an evolving platform with ongoing updates. This means that some features you’re accustomed to in Google Optimize may not be available in GA4 yet. In such cases, Google suggests exploring alternative programs during their updates. Some noteworthy options include:

By exploring these alternatives, you can continue optimizing your website and delivering exceptional user experiences as Google’s digital landscape continues to evolve.

Google Ads

Google Ads has undergone significant changes in the past year, including the discontinuation of first click, linear, time decay, and position-based attribution models.

Beyond this, there are a lot of new features in Google ads- one of them is the ability to combine search campaigns with Performance Max campaigns. Google ads have also begun to use something that’s called Generative AI.

Google Ads

There is also a new conversion goal that is called New Customer Value Mode Performance, this empowers advertisers to assign specific values to customer segments and optimise for things like “new customers predicted to deliver higher lifetime value.”

To stay ahead in the realm of Google Ads and leverage these innovative features to their fullest potential, it’s highly recommended to remain updated. You can find comprehensive information on these changes and new features on Google’s official support site, ensuring you’re well-prepared to succeed in your advertising endeavours.

Meta (Facebook and Instagram) ads

Another platform that has made a few updates during the year is Meta . These updates mostly focus on more alternatives while setting up your ad. It includes features that facilitate image editing for your ads, the ability to incorporate music into your advertisements, and various other tools to optimize your advertising efforts. If you are considering setting up your Black Friday ads in Meta, it could be good knowing about the updates for taking as much advantage of them as possible.

Let’s move on to some valuable tips for your marketing and sales channels.


TikTok is undeniably on the rise, with its popularity growing steadily year after year. The platform is witnessing a remarkable 15% increase in user activity annually, making it a powerful avenue for advertising.

Advertising on TikTok is not only accessible but also budget-friendly. If your target audience is active on TikTok, incorporating this platform into your Black Friday marketing strategy is a wise move.


Artificial Intelligence

You obviously are aware that AI gets bigger and bigger, and many platforms now incorporate AI into their functionalities. While AI can offer valuable assistance in various aspects of advertising, it’s crucial not to rely on it blindly. While it has great potential, AI isn’t infallible and can occasionally make mistakes.

Help on the way in many situations could also be to use Chat GPT, it can provide you with a wealth of ideas and insights, making it a valuable resource for your advertising endeavours.

Email marketing campaigns

In recent years, email marketing has proven to be an effective strategy for drawing customers to your website. It provides a swift and direct means of showcasing your Black Friday discounts to your existing audience. With email marketing, you have the flexibility to target specific customer segments, such as “visitors who abandoned their carts without completing a purchase.”

You can also personalize your emails by sending recommendations for the best deals, based on each individual’s purchase history. This personalized approach can significantly boost your Black Friday sales and enhance the overall customer experience.

Mobile optimisation

When it comes to crafting a brilliant marketing campaign, ensuring that your website is mobile-optimised is absolutely essential. A lot of people have their email on their phone, therefore lots of people make their purchases through their mobile too.

In fact, the statistics also clearly reflect a growing preference for mobile shopping over desktop.


An another way to reach out quickly to your existing customers is to send them a text message. SMS messages have the advantage of appearing directly on a user’s mobile screen, ensuring that your online sales notifications won’t go unnoticed. Just keep in mind that you should not over-message your customers, this will only make them irritated and probably won’t result in a purchase.


Free shipping

If you offer discounted shipping or even free shipping, this is great to show clearly in your ads. Customers greatly appreciate the prospect of avoiding additional shipping costs beyond their purchase price.

Additionally, during high-demand periods like the holiday selling season, it’s crucial to be transparent about the potential for shipping delays. Addressing this upfront in your marketing messages demonstrates clarity and honesty, contributing to overall customer satisfaction.

Returns and payments

Online shopping comes with the inevitable possibility of product returns. This is the disadvantage of online stores- they won’t be able to try the items on, or see them, before making a purchase.

To address this, it’s essential to have a well-defined and easily accessible return policy on your website. Many customers engage in Christmas shopping during BFCM and appreciate knowing the return process before making a purchase decision. By having this information clearly visible, you can help instill confidence in potential buyers.

Because of the extensive Christmas shopping during the Black Friday sales, consider extending the return period if feasible, allowing customers more time to make returns after the holiday.

Also, ensuring a variety of payment methods is crucial. Offer multiple options like credit card payments, Afterpay, and Apple Pay to accommodate a broader range of customer preferences.

Start and end days

Displaying the start and end dates of your Black Friday promotions prominently on your website is an excellent idea. This information helps ensure that your customers are well-informed and won’t miss out on the limited-time Black Friday deals. It creates a sense of urgency, motivating them to take advantage of your special offers. When your Black weekend is over, you could maximize sales on the Cyber Monday deals.

Membership discount

A great way to boost sales and to hold on to your loyal customers could be to consider sending your loyal customers exclusive discount codes and special offers in advance of the shopping holiday.

Another tip is to offer some discount or exclusive deals for people that sign up to the membership. It could be “sign up and get 10% extra on Black Friday deals”. In this way, you build trust in your new members and also generate leads and future customers. It’s a smart way to grow your customer base and reward those who engage with your brand.

BFCM discount tips

Discount Tips

Deciding the right discounts for your products during BFCM sales can indeed be a challenging task. To assist you in making the best choice, we’ve compiled some of the most common BFCM discount options for your consideration:

  • 20/25/30% Off: These are the most prevalent discounts, and you can even consider going higher if it aligns with your pricing strategy. If you have products that have gone out of sale, the Black Friday sale could be a good opportunity to sell these items out for lower prices.
  • 3 for 2 Discount: Offer customers the opportunity to buy three items and receive one for free.
  • Buy 1, Get 1 Free: An enticing “buy one, get one free” offer can attract customers looking for great deals.
  • Spend $80, Get a Free Gift: Encourage larger purchases by rewarding customers who spend a certain amount with a free gift.

Regardless of the discount type you choose, it’s important to ensure that both you and your customers can take advantage of it. Striking the right balance between attractive savings for your customers and maintaining profitability for your business is key to a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales campaign.

Black Friday checklist

There are a lot more things to consider when preparing for Black Friday deals, if you want to learn more, read our last year’s Black Friday checklist. Check out our first blog post and our second one, to ensure you have everything you need to prepare for your BFCM sale.