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Let’s talk about: THREADS

By July 12, 2023July 14th, 2023No Comments
Let's talk about: THREADS

Threads has been the most talked about social platform within the digital marketing world. Meta’s new platform has now surpassed 100 million users in less than a week, with the majority of users coming “by organic demands”. Zuckerberg predicts that there will be more downloads once proper promotion begins.

Meanwhile, Twitter’s traffic fell by 5% since Threads became fully available…

So what is Threads and why has this app taken the social world by storm?

What is threads?

Threads is a text-sharing app built by the Instagram team made for casual posting and streamlined public conversations.

This is how Meta describes the purpose of the new social platform:

The purpose of Threads

So how is Threads any different from Twitter?

There are some key features that differentiates this app from the blue bird:

  1. Allows up to 10 photos (Twitter allows 4 photos)
  2. Posts are limited to 500 characters (Twitter allows up to only 280-characters)
  3. Videos can be up to 5 minutes long (Twitter only allows up to 2 minutes 20 seconds)
  4. No hashtags
  5. You need an Instagram account to access the app

So far, users seem to be satisfied with the new platform and downloads are soaring. To ignore this app would be a mistake in the long run.

Using Threads for marketing:

Is Threads ready to be used for marketing purposes? The answer is: Yes, definitely!

Big fashion brands such as Nike, and even retailers like Coles have signed up for Threads and are using this platform to their advantage.

This article gives a comprehensive overview of Threads if you want more details on using Threads in your marketing mix: Marketing on Threads: What you need to know (martech.org)

Omni’s recommendations:

Many brands are already on the app!

We suggest that you lock in your Threads account and play around with the app to understand how it works. It won’t be long until companies and brands use this space to run ads and drive sales. There is no harm in trying out new social platforms that can benefit your business and allow you to get more reach.

If you are still unsure of what you should be doing, feel free to contact Omni Online for any digital marketing queries!

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