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By October 8, 2020June 21st, 2023No Comments

1. Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Merge

The two largest social media platforms in the world are merging. Instagram Direct (Instagram’s now old direct messaging service) will be replaced by Facebook Messenger. This will allow users to sends messages, photos and videos between the two platforms.

Source: The Guardian

2. Facebook removes their 20% text rule

Facebook has removed its restrictions on ads which include more than 20% text in the main image. Images with more than the suggested 20% text were penalised in the past, with their ad reach being significantly restricted or flat out rejected.

Source: Social Media Today

3. Instagram celebrates its 10th birthday

Instagram is ten! To celebrate the milestone occasion, Instagram has released a few new updates and features. Alongside custom Instagram icons and birthday banners, The most significant change is a the new Stories Map. Users are now able to privately view where they have posted stories over the past three years.

Source: Social Media Today

4. Facebook announces new group features

Facebook has reported that 1.8 billion people now use Facebook Groups every month. To help Group admins navigate the feature better,  new tools have been added. The ability to pin Group Topics, limit promotional content and start real-time chats are some of the exciting new changes!

Source: Social Media Examiner

5. Instagram reveals interesting user insights

900 million emoji reactions are sent within the app every day

50% of Instagram users watch a video in-app every day

More than a million posts mentioning “meme” are shared daily

The average user sends 3x more DM’s than comments

Source: Tech Crunch

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