Digital Strategy Agency

To truly know where your business is heading, your objectives and the best path to achieve your end goals with careful planning is essential.

At Omni Online, our depth of experience in digital strategy is available to help you develop the most effective strategies to get the best from your online investment.

  • Building your company’s competitive advantage
  • Monitoring & reporting your results at regular intervals
  • Understanding your digital strengths and weaknesses

6 Steps to Digital Success

Digital Strategy

Competitor Analysis

To beat the competition you need to understand who they are and what they are doing online. Our team will help you uncover your main competitors as well as their digital marketing activity. Having this information helps us plan the best strategy to keep you ahead of the pack.

Digital Strategy


Knowing your target market is one thing. UnderstandIng them is another. By creating personas helps paint a picture of who your audience is, their likes and dislikes. We use these personas to best understand how to target them.

Digital Strategy

Discovery Workshop

Working together with you, we run a full discovery workshop to understand the exact challenges and expectations from all sides. This includes agreement on budget and timelines and puts us all on the same playing field working towards a common goal.

Digital Strategy


Key to your success is having a plan that is flexible and adaptable to all future marketing needs. Using the Omni 360° framework, our team of trusted experts will advise the best ‘omni’ solutions to help you achieve long term results.

Digital Strategy


Providing your audience with the best integrated customer experience is what differentiates you from your competitors. Using our 360° multi channel approach, means they’ll receive a seamless and cross channel experience whether shopping online from a desktop or mobile device

Digital Strategy

Digital Audit

Our digital audit will help you identify your current strengths and weaknesses. So as to develop the most effective strategy to achieve your end goal and improve your online presence.



Planning, monitoring and adapting your digital strategy requires a consistent and dynamic approach to keeping you one step ahead of your competition.

Without an effective strategy, your business can be left exposed to competitor activity. This in turn can lead you to adopting a sub-standard and ineffective approach to achieving your goals.

Why settle for anything less than a well thought out digital marketing plan from Omni Online with the necessary checks and balances in place?



Omni Online’s success is built on the creation and development of the best possible strategies to achieving our Client’s digital marketing goals.

Together with our team of marketing experts, we will develop a roadmap of digital tactics to help drive traffic and keep your business relevant to your customers.

This includes the continuous monitoring of current strategies to keep your business ahead of your competitors and on the road to success.