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Social Media

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Why do you need a social media

Social media can be looked at as the dragon in this Chinese Proverb “If you ignore the dragon, it will eat you. If you defy the dragon it will overpower you. But if you ride the dragon, you will take advantage of its strength and power.”

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that many are afraid of but if used correctly can give your brand great strength and power. Not only is it a way tot connect with your target customers, build brand awareness and increase website visits, it can also be a source of free customer research, a customer service tool and build customer loyalty and advocacy.

The good news is that you also don’t have to be on every platform, only where your customers are. We help you find the best platform for your target market, set up the accounts, build an effective social media strategy built into our 360 approach and assist you with the management to get the most out of this free marketing resource.

Ready to get started?/ Let’s collaborate!

Like all relationships, it all starts with a chat. No big proposals until you get a sense of who we are and how we can help you grow. If we have chemistry, we can take the next level!

What’s in our
tool box

Are you feeling befuddled by the sea of social media sites and scheduling apps? We are passionate about social media and have expertise in the majority of them. Want to try something new? Let us know and we’ll get the expertise.

Hyundai Forklifts Australia

I would definitely recommend that people work with Omni. We have found them to be very responsive, takes the time to understand our business and they take great care of our campaigns.

Jeff AkresManaging Director


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Jeff Akres
Managing Director

Why client choose us – and stick around

The Omni Online team is as diverse as our client base, and that’s what gives us our edge. We have years of experience with B2B, B2C, and D2C across many industries.

Our clients value our close, collaborative, and long-term relationships. They trust us to fill the gap in their marketing team’s knowledge and expertise, and in some cases, we are their marketing team!

We’re dedicated to providing the most effective and affordable end-to-end marketing solutions. Our expert team manages the custom 360° strategy, ensuring all activities are interconnected.

If you are ready to grow, need a partner in crime, and want a team of experts in your back pocket, send us your goals and we will show you how you can achieve them!

Want to learn more about Social Media?

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