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Yes, video is crucial in digital marketing today. When was the last time you saw any type of video content? A few seconds ago? A couple of minutes ago? A few hours ago? There isn’t a day that goes by when we are not exposed to video content. It’s everywhere!

With the fast-changing nature of technology, smartphones are not the only sources that display video content. We see them at supermarkets, train stations and bus shelters like those flashy video ads on an electronic ad panel.

What does this mean for businesses and organisations? It means that you should focus on motion-based content as your audience and customers are swamped with a plethora of engaging videos! With the booming increase of motion-based media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, consumers are constantly exposed to short-form video content and are getting acclimated to short video ads

Many companies are adopting video in their marketing to successfully build their brand and reach targeted audiences. This isn’t to say that we should cut out static imagery from our communications but it’s important to keep up to date with the marketing trends and be dynamic with our content. Using the tools and resources that are at our disposal can boost our marketing activities and ensure we stay ahead of our competitors.


You may ask, “But isn’t video creation an expensive endeavour?”

Creating video content has never been easier! You do not need an expensive digital camera for your video content. With the ever-improving technology, our smartphones are qualified to take professional video content. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok encourage content creation on phones due to the popularisation of reels… This means you have no excuses!

Still sceptical? Perhaps we can provide some statistics!


  • 86% of people want more video content from brands (Wyzowl)

Customers have become accustomed to video content in their daily lives and expect brands to create engaging videos. Businesses must listen to the demands and creatively manoeuvre the market to succeed.

  • 64% of consumers purchase a product after watching short video ads by brands on social media (Tubular Insights, 2017).

Short video ads users find on social media are super effective in bringing sales to your businesses. This is also because 55% of consumers look at videos about a specific brand before deciding on purchasing the product (Search Engine Journal)

Delivering the content your audience would like to see can increase the revenue and success of your brand.

  • Emails that have videos in them get a 16% increase in open rate along with a 26% rise in replies (Sales Loft, 2018)

Videos are a great way to attract attention. Implementing them in emails, ads, and social media can allow your brand or product to remain memorable to potential customers. This can increase engagement which also simultaneously increases sales!




Using videos in your brand communication allows users to better understand your organisation. Motion-based texts, infographics and images bring life to your brand! They navigate and conceptualise the user’s view of your brand, planting awareness in their mind much more effectively than plain text.

Our brains process visual information much quicker than text. For example, would it be faster to read a descriptive paragraph about an anthropomorphic lion wearing a pink and white party hat in front of a green wall, or would it be faster to simply look at an image that shows it?

Simply looking at the image tells a thousand words in only a few seconds!

Video is the extension of an image. You can add more information visually by adopting animation, text, and even sound to the image. This allows more room for information to get across.


Videos are excellent in enhancing SEO as they generate traffic to your website. If your website is attracting regular users AND users stay on it for a long time (as they are watching your videos), Google will turn its attention to your website, leading to an overall boost in SEO.

But that does not mean you should post content that has no value! If your video content does not meet quality standards, users will leave your site and, in the worst-case scenario, never return. This will not improve your SEO. Therefore, it is important to have some knowledge of video creation.


A poor video marketing strategy can cause harm to your brand if not done correctly. With the accessibility and abundance of video content, standards are unavoidably raised.

But no need to fret! We are here to give you some constructive tips that will help you elevate your video content!

1. Know what you want to show

It may seem like an obvious request, but many fail to map out their content effectively. This can result in a video with no clear purpose and perhaps be a total waste of time. Having a clear and concise video concept can go a long way in saving time and workload. Furthermore, planning the type of video content you will create can be beneficial in translating ideas smoothly to the viewer.

For example, if you are trying to sell a chainsaw, you should create a simple step-by-step guide on how a chainsaw should be used safely! If you’re trying to sell culinary tools, create a lively cooking tutorial of a popular dish using your kitchenware!

You want to ensure the video you are putting out is entertaining, informative and strategic. (Bonus points if the video is short and sweet!)

2. Choose the video format

Are you choosing LANDSCAPE or PORTRAIT?

If the video is to be uploaded to the web via LinkedIn or YouTube, formatting your video horizontally in a landscape is standard. However, filming vertically (portrait) will be better for other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Also, check the settings of your camera before recording. Will you need a flashlight? What is your frame rate? Will you need a stabiliser for when things get shaky?

It is crucial to customise your content according to the platform to achieve the best results.

3. Avoid these mistakes

Sudden Movements:

Avoid brash and harsh movements while recording a video. This will affect the quality of your video and can appear distracting. If you have to move, do so slowly and subtly to allow your camera to refocus.

Zoom in/out:

Zooming in and out while recording on your phone can affect the quality of your video. If you need the subject to appear bigger on screen, your best option is to move closer to the subject OR to zoom in very slowly.


Video is, and has already been, the next big thing that many companies are relying on. Trends change significantly every few months, so it is important to be aware of newer attractions to be ahead of the marketing game.

While that may sound daunting, the first step is always the hardest. Take your time and work out where video fits into your marketing strategy. See what is working for your competitors or brands that inspire you and simply start shooting! There are limitless possibilities that are yet to be uncovered. Happy filming!

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