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Our Favourite 8 Shopify Updates 2023

By February 15, 2023July 25th, 2023No Comments
Our Favourite 8 Shopify Updates 2023

Good news for Shopify merchants and developers! Shopify just dropped more than 100 updates to allow users to be “ahead of the curve and give them an unfair advantage”. This includes shop app updates, Checkout customisation and more to help you boost sales while streamlining the buyer journey.

With these overwhelming amounts of updates, we will share 8 cool updates that you should keep in mind!

1. One-Page Checkout

One-page checkout

Shopify has a new one-page checkout which is perfect for higher and faster conversions. The benefits of having a one-page checkout means:

  • Faster conversions due to fewer fields for customers to enter.
  • Fewer pages to load and decrease in friction for customers.

2. Drag-and-Drop checkout editors (Exclusive to Shopify Plus)

If the One-Page checkout is not convincing enough, you can now easily edit the look and feel of your checkout using the new checkout editor! It is integrated with Shop Pay to maintain a consistent brand and buyer experience.

Some of the things you can do include:

  • Updating the font of your checkout, adding logos or images and changing the colour of the background.
  • Integrate the editor with checkout apps that can boost the functionality of your checkout experience.

3. AI-Generated Storefront content

AI-Generated Storefront contentIt seems that Shopify has expanded its use of AI! Now you can use Shopify Magic to come up with cool product descriptions and save time. This easy-to-use feature allows you to put in keywords for your product to generate a compelling description that is tone specific to your brand!

4. Product Bundles

This update is yet to come soon. Product bundles are a great way to have your customers buy more than one product during purchase. With the new Shopify Bundles app, you can create bundles to drive up sales.

This is inclusive of the new discount apps built on Shopify functions which allow you to offer various discount types. Moreover, you can merge multiple discounts on a single order.

P.S. you can build your custom app with Shopify Functions.

5. Sync and Sell on YouTube

Sync and sell on YouTube

Boost your sales by connecting your store to YouTube!

You can now sell your products during a live stream on YouTube by having your product info right below your video. Your product info can also be pinned in the chat and tagged during a live stream.

This is great to make your live streams more authentic and interesting and improve customer experiences while shopping as they can find your product with ease.

6. Markets Pro

Are you having a hard time managing your business internationally? Shopify’s Markets Pro has tools that allow you to grow your business globally by providing tools that will speed up and simplify processes. These include:

  • International tax filing, registration and remittance
  • Automatic removal of items with import restrictions in each market. This helps ensure that your products are compliant internationally. Moreover, buyers will be able to only see what they are allowed to purchase within their region.
  • Having access to fraud protection and also protection from currency fluctuations.

7. Shopify forms

Shopify Forms

Using forms to capture customer details is great to have your customers purchase your products. This new update allows you to collect information from shoppers with customisable capture forms. You are now able to decide what information you want from the customer by adding more fields to your form! Some forms allow buyers to sign in with the Shop app.

With the list of information that you capture with Shopify Forms, you can then market discounts through automation to drive your sales!

8. Improved Reporting

Reporting is a crucial part of your business as it delivers insights that can get easily be missed. Shopify’s new update provides extensive reports that help you discover key drivers for improving customer retention through its new cohort analysis. You are also able to compare performances across different periods.


These are only 8 out of approximately 100 updates on Shopify that we are sharing with you. Be sure to be in tune with the updates so that you can utilise tools that will increase conversions in your business!

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