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When and how to use a digital marketing agency?

By September 15, 2021July 25th, 2023No Comments

Do you need marketing?

There is no question of if you need marketing. Marketing is necessary. Whether you are a large multinational firm or a small local bakery, it doesn’t matter how wonderful your product is if no one has heard of you. How to implement this marketing is a question that is less obvious to answer and one we get asked a lot.

Many companies start by doing their own marketing and sharing the job among the team. But as a business grows, this strategy may not be scalable or practical. Another option is hiring an in-house marketing specialist, this can certainly be a good option but it depends on the company and its structure. With the many aspects of a marketing strategy, including changing technologies and consumer trends, there runs a risk of falling behind competitors.

Finally, one can opt to work with a marketing agency. This is a great choice to ensure your marketing is competitive and scalable.

When and how to use an agency?

Before working with a digital marketing agency it is a good idea to get an understanding of what digital marketing is. This will ensure you can maximise the benefits of the agency. Once you have a grasp of marketing strategy and the tools of digital marketing you can start to find an agency that best suits your company’s needs. The agency you chose should understand your business and be able to offer more services as you grow. But, most importantly they should be a joy to work with!

Once you’ve decided on the agency you would like to work with, we recommend starting with a defined, small project. This could be setting up your social media, updating your Google My Business profile, or updating your website. Once this project is a success and you have got used to the flow of working with the agency, you can look at implementing bigger elements of the strategy, such as setting up your first ad campaign.

What do digital marketing agencies do?

A digital marketing agency uses a wide variety of different strategies, tactics and online tools to help a business reach its sales and marketing goals. Here are some of the services a digital marketing agency should provide:

Top Benefits of a digital marketing agency

  • Expertise

Today’s marketing requires an ever-growing list of disciplines such as branding, SEO, PPC, content and social media. It can be challenging to stay on top of the latest technologies and trends. In-house marketers may not have the resources or knowledge to handle all the varying channels. Agencies are the experts in their field, often having dedicated experts to each discipline.

  • Experience and insights

Agencies work with varying clients, industries and technologies and the team brings a broad cross-section of experience. They can leverage their experience to strategies with a unique view and perspective allowing more creative solutions. 

  • Software and technology

Agencies are on the leading edge of tactics, processes and technology. They are fully equipped with the best tools and resources that would be costly to purchase for an in-house team.

  • Crisis management and pressure

Agency marketers excel under pressure as they have experience with crisis management in a plethora of industries. As they are results-driven, executing strategies on time is a number one priority.

  • Scalable

Scaling a business can be challenging as you need to align increased business with the scaling of your team and resources. With an agency, if the demand is there you can simply pick up the phone and ramp up the marketing strategy. If for some reason you need to scale back, say you have a seasonal product, that can be easily done too.

  • Dedicated partner

The agency relationship can allow companies to focus on their main business activities. As they are results-driven, it is in their best interest to ensure your ROI is at its most competitive. They are more likely to think on a strategic level and offer an insightful outside perspective.

Finally, it’s good to remember that agencies can also complement your existing marketing team. The team can focus on what they are best at and delegate projects where they feel agency expertise and experience is needed.

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