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WordPress 6.0 is here! (With nearly 1,000 changes)

By June 1, 2022July 25th, 2023No Comments

WordPress has just launched its latest update 6.0, ‘Arturo’! With it comes nearly 1,000 enhancements and bug fixes. The improvements will be felt by both developers and end-users.

The update isn’t just one dramatic change, but rather hundreds of small improvements to greatly enhance the stability, security, performance and usability. Some of the most notable improvements are:

  • Security upgrades
  • Faster website performance
  • Page creation patterns
  • Block locking
  • Stack & row variations
  • Global style variations
  • Ability to select text across multiple blocks

“Site owners and administrators should upgrade to take full advantage of the many stability, performance, and usability enhancements today.

WordPress content creators will enjoy a suite of new features geared toward improving the writing and designing experiences.” – Matt Mullenweg, Release Lead, WordPress

As with all updates, we recommend that all WordPress sites be updated as soon as possible. This is to ensure your website is secure and isn’t affected by any plugins and apps that may no longer be compatible with old versions of WordPress. Hosting providers may also restrict access to sites that aren’t upgraded.

If you have a maintenance contract with Omni Online, good news, we will be upgrading your website in the coming weeks. If you don’t have a maintenance contract, please get in touch if you need assistance with the update.

For more information on the update, check out the official WordPress release here.

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